2023 Internship Dates

Individual site visits for orientation Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Internship will be from April 11 -May 12, 2023.

iPOL (Internship Presentation of Learning) will be on Friday, May 12, 2023.

STUDENTS’ RESPONSIBILITIES (Link to2022-2023 Student Internship Handbook)

  • Students are required to secure an internship with a Host Organization in a professional setting (not a work from home arrangement) by the deadline set by the school.

  • Students and their parent/guardian must complete and submit the Parent/Guardian Internship Consent Form (digital) before the Internship may begin.

  • Students seeking to fulfill the internship requirement outside of San Diego County must meet with the school director for approval, which may result in completing an Independent Study Contract. The school director has sole discretion to approve or deny the request.

  • Students design, with their mentor, and complete a project that benefits the Host Organization.

  • Internships fulfill a graduation requirement. Students must complete their Internship assignments, which may include creation of an Internship portfolio, photo essays, and a blog to reflect on growth and progress.

  • Students lead an Internship Presentation of Learning (“iPOL”) to a panel

  • Students should:

    • Be punctual, polite, and professional.

    • Dress appropriately (if unsure, ask the mentor and/or HTH teacher).

    • Attend the Internship for the scheduled number of days and hours.

    • Notify the mentor, Karen Lowe, and HTH teacher of any absences or schedule changes.

    • Respect the confidentiality of the Host Organization’s clients, staff, activities, communications, information, and operations.

    • If things are slow, take the initiative and volunteer for different tasks.

    • Discuss questions, concerns, or problems regarding the Internship, Host Organization, and/or mentor with the HTH teacher.

    • Adhere to the Host Organization’s policies and procedures, rules, and regulations governing professional behavior.

  • In order to take attendance during the Internship, students are responsible for keeping track of their time using the If students are absent for any reason, they must contact their mentor and school.

  • Students are responsible for transportation to and from their Internship sites, which may be via their own vehicle, parent/guardian driving, or mass transit. The Host Organization is not responsible for transportation of the student. The mentor shall not transport a student unless the parent/guardian has given prior written consent for the mentor to transport their student for purposes of the Internship only. Please see HTH teacher to complete the “Annual Driver & Volunteer Application and Waiver” form.

  • Students are required to remain in their original internship from start to finish unless they receive prior written approval by the HTH teacher and school director.

More specifics requirements for internship.


  • Juniors are required to to participate in an internship for at least 30 hours per week. The precise time of these hours depends on the schedules of the host organization and the student.

  • NO more than 2 excused absences (illness, family emergency).

  • Unexcused absences will not be tolerated. Unexcused absences will result in being removed from an internship resulting in an “F” for the final grade.

Absent on Internship day protocol

  • For an absence to be considered excused, you must communicate with your mentor AND your internship advisor (one of your 11th grade teachers) who will use the school phone number which is (619)-398-4900, before the work day.

  • Parents, if your student is sick, please contact the SCHOOL attendance office ((619)-398-4900).​


  • In the event that you are late, you must call your mentor ASAP to let him/her/them know when to expect you.

  • Excessive tardiness may result in being removed from an internship.


  • Students, you should communicate with you internship advisor AND mentor should there be a problem.

  • Students, carry your mentor’s phone number and internship advisor’s phone number with you at all times.

  • If there is a problem and you are not comfortable going to your mentor, please contact your internship advisor or Jade (HTHI Director) and Nik (Dean of Students).

  • Students, you should regularly check your HTHI email and this internship website on a regular basis (contact your internship advisor via phone if you are unable to access the internet).

  • When in doubt about something, please communicate with us.

Blog Post Requirement

  • Students are required to respond to weekly blog prompts on their websites

  • The blog prompt will be posted on the internship website:

  • Each blog post must contain a MINIMUM of 100 words

  • Your blog posts must be posted by 10:00pm each Saturday.​

Final Evaluation and iPOLs

  • Internship mentors will formally evaluate students at the end of the internship.

  • The internship advisors will do site visits and Zoom visits. Please communicate with mentors on a regular basis. Students will receive the final grade pass/fail from their internship advisor.

  • Internship advisors will assess blog posts to evaluate student work and progress.

  • On the last Friday of internship (Friday, May 12, 2022), you will give a professional internship Presentation of Learning (iPOL) at HTHI.

Behavior/Dress Code:

  • Please dress professionally and/or to the culture of your internship. If you are unsure of what is acceptable, discuss it with your mentor.

  • When out on internship, you are representing and remotely attending HTHI, so you must follow the same behavior requirements as you would at school, including our drug policy.

Internship Advisor Site Visit

  • During the month of internship, your internship advisor will check in with you via Zoom and/or at your internship site.

  • On the day of the visit, be will show your internship advisor the work you’ve been doing and your project plan.

  • Please make sure to stay in communication with your internship advisor!

Want to know more about what students did last year?

This is the link to the internship descriptions and internship blog posts from Interns of 2020-2021.

ORIENTATION VISIT on March 22, 2023: As part of the Internship experience, students will do a site visit before the beginning of Internship. This year’s visits are scheduled for

Wednesday, March 22, 2023 and can range in time 1-2 hours to an all day experience. The intern is expected to communicate with the mentor in order to set up the specific details of this site visit (time for the visit, when to arrive, where to go, etc.).

What is a site visit? The purpose of the visit is two-fold. First, this is an opportunity for the mentor to make clear the expectations and requirements for a successful internship. Second, to confirm that this will be an appropriate and good fit for the student’s internship experience.

During the site visit students will:

  1. Figure out how to get the site and where to go!

  2. Meet their mentor and other colleagues at the site

  3. Learn more about their role as an intern at the site

  4. Observe what professional dress looks like at the site

  5. Complete a mentor interview & take a photo of your mentor (or with your mentor)

  6. Learn about expectations and logistics for the first week of internship.

  7. Brainstorm ideas and begin to develop a project idea (this can change over time)

  8. Have fun.