iPOL Recommendations and Requirements

What is required for scheduling an iPOL?

What should my iPOL include?

Some questions to consider:

It is recommended that the presentation includes a visual slideshow; however, this may not be appropriate for certain types of internships, but some type of visual aid is required.

Be prepared to fully participate in a Q&A (question & answer) session with your panel.

FORMAT: Approximately 10 minutes. Half of the time should be used for your presentation and half for questions from the panel.   

CONTENT: Your presentation should provide the panel with insight into your thoughts and reflections on the internship experience.

Topics to consider:

Your presentation should have artifacts from your life at work. This may mean photos, screenshots, videos, scanned work, etc. These artifacts should serve multiple purposes—to illustrate your point for the audience, provide evidence to support your spoken presentation, to visually show elements of your internship to audience members who may be unfamiliar with some specifics (such as pieces of equipment, your final product, etc.).

You should use the above information to create a presentation that is unique to your personal experience. You may blend topics together, or focus on the ones that really resonate with you. You do not need to cover every single topic in the order listed above. 

Assessment (see example rubric below) You will receive a pass or re-do grade from your teacher, based on satisfactorily meeting standard 11th grade expectations for professionalism in all aspects of your presentation. In the event of a re-do, your teacher will communicate specifically what needs to be addressed and a timeline for you to do so.


Where will my iPOL take place? Your iPOL will take place at HTHI

How is my iPOL scheduled? Your iPOL will be scheduled through a teacher from HTHI. Look for an HTHI teacher’s email during the last 2 weeks of internship.

What should I wear? You should wear professional attire that shows respect for your internship site and for your formal presentation.

Can I use physical evidence (objects) at my iPOL? Yes. 

Do I have to use visuals? Yes.

Example Rubric

iPOL= 5 minute formal presentation followed by 5 minutes of Q & A

Evidence (put notes below)

Preparation: How did the intern show they were prepared for the presentation? Visuals: What are the artifacts from the internship? (photos, screenshots, videos, scanned work, equipment, etc.)

Project: What was the internship project?

Reflection: What were the student’s reflections on personal learning experiences, important relationships, or personal growth?

Skills: What skills did the student apply, learn, or master during the internship?

Additional Notes

Final Assessment   Pass. OR Re-do